Nairabet Bonuses

Nairabet is a Nigerian bookmaker which has been around for a decade now having been founded in 2009 and the Nigerian market have grown to trust them as they have been delivering quality services over the years. In Nigeira, Nairabet was the first African sportsbook to operate in Nigeria and they became popular because they offered services tailor-made for the Nigeria market.
Once you have registered with Nairabet, you can enjoy the bonus benefits offered by Nairabet including One Game Cut Ticket among others. In this article, we will look at these popular promotions.

Nairabet Sign Up bonus

Unfortunately, Nairabet don’t offer a sign up offer at the moment, but they offer a large amount of other promotions and you will certainly find something for your needs. Nairabet 
One Game Cut Your Ticket?
It is usually very painful to see one game spoiling your accumulator, well, NairaBET feels your pain and will reward you if your ticket was spoiled by just a single game. You will not get your potential winnings but luckily for you NairaBET will reward you so that you at least get something from your losing ticket.
Unlike other bookies who simply return your stake, NairaBET will pay you a part of your potential winnings. 
You must place an accumulator of 10 games or more in order to qualify for this particular promotion.
Each individual bet on the ticket (Not the collective) must have a minimum odds of 1.2, and this is quite important because If there is any game less than odds of 1.2 on the ticket, your ticket will be automatically disqualified for this promotion.
How is this Bonus calculated.
In the event that you bet on a 10 game accumulator with N100 and your expected returns was N250,000 with a bonus of N50,000 making a total of N300,000. If a game of 1.5 odd spoils your bet, this is how your bonus will be calculated. 
You were expecting N300,000 in total. We will take out the bonus of N50,000 which gives us N250,000.
We will take out the 1.5 game that spoilt the ticket. N250,000 divided by 1.5 is N166,666, We will divide the result (166,666.66) by 10 and subtract the unit stake (Unit stake is the amount placed on a bet slip divided by the number of games selected on that bet slip) from the result (16,666.66 – 10). The result (16,656.66) is the compensation we will credit into your account.
It is true that you have lost out on N300,000, but surely a bonus of N16,565.66 is great. this is a good gesture from Nairabet indeed. 
Cash Out: Never Lose A Bet Again
Cash out is not yet popular in African betting, it was made popular when Leicester City historically lifted the English Premier League title. NairaBET cash out means that you can make money from a bet before the game finishes. Nairabet is actually giving you the power to decide what to do with your bet. If you place a live bet, you can decide to cash your money any time during the game. For example if you choose a team to win and the team is winning and you don’t want to wait till the end of the game, NairaBET will offer you money to cash out.
You must bear in mind that the payout amount will be changing as the game goes on. Cash out works both ways, either your ticket is winning or losing  you will get something when you make use of the payout option. For Pre Match, if you have an accumulator and some games have won and you fear that one team will spoil it, you can cash out your winnings.
Edit your bets
This is quite a unique and exciting promotion which allows you to edit your accumulator bets even after you’ve placed and submitted the bets.
There are many reasons you may need to edit your bet. For example, if you bet on a particular team to win because they have a particular player and if that player is unavailable, you may feel the need to edit your bet accordingly and now you can do so thanks to the Edit your bets promotion from  NairaBET. You can edit your bet by either totally removing match or simply replace it with another game.
Terms and Conditions
This promotion is available on all sports that are provided by NairaBET.
An accumulator bet with a minimum of 5 games qualify for the Bet Edit list.
Please note that when you edit your bets, you can remove some games, but your accumulator must remain with a minimum of 5 games.
You can add more games to your bet as well as reduce your bets, but you may note that you can only reduce your bets once.
You can increase your stake but cannot reduce it.
Nairabet is very creative with its promotions and they are very competitive in that regard. They also look after their existing customers when it comes to promotions and not just focus all their promotional activity on picking up new customers.